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Why choose @Accountancy Birmingham

Financial Planning, minimising tax liability coupled with budgetary & strategic expertise and support for businesses across Staffordshire and the West Midlands

@accountancy supports businesses with all aspects of business planning, strategic advice, budgetary controls and compliance activity. Typically we work with SME businesses based across the Midlands and offer the same level of friendly, strategic advice & expertise to all our clients

Why Choose Us?

We're often asked this question when we meet with new potential clients:

We help small to medium size business grow their sales, increase profitability and pay less tax.

Generally speaking if you look at the credentials of most accountants you will find a similar set of promises…however, few actually deliver with in-depth expertise, understanding and consistency!! Take a look at our explainer video for more about us and what makes us different

More reasons why clients move to @accountancy

  • "We no longer get to talk with a partner, it’s always a junior"
  • "Our current accountants are moving, merging or closing the doors"
  • "Our business has grown and our accountants haven’t grown with us"
  • "The level of service we receive has reduced over time"
  • "Fees keep on rising and we are seeing no added value"
  • "Our current accountants just don’t get our business needs"
  • "My accountant is never available, and he never returns my calls"
  • "Our accountants are unapproachable, and are rarely proactive in saving us tax"
  • "Our accountants are unable or unwilling to explain in a manner we understand"

Do these sound familiar to you? If so, we like to think you’ve come to the right accountants:

"Our passion is working with successful business owners, and those who are just about to start their journey" - (Managing Partner)

Just for agreeing to meet with us you can choose from a choice of two new client benefits …either a free of charge simple personal tax return or a 15% first billing discount, if you decide to become a client.

In exchange for an hour of your time, we’ll show you how to minimise your tax liability, prepare for the tax man, save money with the implementation of a time-saving management accounts package and discuss any other issues you may have…you can then form your own impression of our offerings.

In addition to your choice of benefit (just for agreeing to meet with us), we offer a two-month evaluation period to enable you to decide whether we’re right for you. If after the two months you decide we are not right for you there’s absolutely no cost to you at all (* please see appendix)

Obviously we hope you’ll feel comfortable with us during the evaluation period and you form a positive opinion of our approach and we go on to form a mutually beneficial business relationship.

If you become a client after the evaluation period, you have the option of a 15% first invoice discount (as explained above)....but we take the risk during the evaluation period: isn’t that how it should BE!!

Is there a catch?

absolutely not: just for agreeing to meet with us you can choose from a choice of two benefits…either a free of charge simple personal tax return or a 15% first order discount, if you decide to become a client after the evaluation period.

Five more reasons why you should meet with us. In brief here are 5 more reasons why you would choose us to help you through the start, growth and maturity of your businesses…

1. Tax expertise for your owner-managed business…To put more money in your pocket…

We’re true experts in helping small and medium-sized owner-managed businesses to grow and financially manage the challenges that your development throws up. And when you’ve made your money, you want to keep as much of it as you can by paying as little tax as possible. Our Tax Saving 365 Scheme does that for you.

2. Easy Payment Plan So You Can Spread Your Costs

Helping to spread our fees over monthly payments ultimately helps you to manage your cash flow

3. Unlimited FREE Support

Unlimited support is offered for free. That means unlimited e-mails, unlimited phone calls and unlimited meetings, subject to our fair use policy (worth £2,000 a year). Additionally, as a client, each of your employee's, and your family members are entitled to a free initial consultation to assist with their tax or accounting issues – a saving worth over £100 to them.

4. Eleven Free Business Reports

You have access to 11 Free Business Reports to ensure that you make your business even more successful. Working with clients for the past 15 years, these reports have helped businesses like yours in areas such as controlling costs and cash flow, making budgets work and boosting profitability

5. Our @app, which you can download from your App Store, with our compliments! 

The App allows you to have access 24/7 to the most up to date, tax tables, calculators, business news, and information including key dates from wherever you might be in the world. If any of these 5 things appealto you, then we need to talk.