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Have you the appetite to take your business to the next level? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we offer the financial planning, budgetary and strategic expertise to help the busy owner/manager or SME MD to accelerate growth and profit within their companies.

Not all accountants are the same.... We drive growth for businesses across Birmingham and Staffordshire.  We are not just number crunchers, we're business advisors who understand  that practical problems demand practical solutions.

@accountancy supports businesses with all aspects of outsourced financial planning, strategic advice and budgetary controls. Typically we work with SME businesses based across Staffordshire and the Midlands and offer the same level of friendly, strategic advice & expertise to all our clients


Our accountants identify with everyday business issues, and we talk common sense to help you build business success. With offices in Cannock and Rugeley, we’ve quietly carved a reputation for business planning, strategic advice and total accountancy solutions across the Midlands . Whether you’re in need of a full business overhaul, strategic input, financial planning, bookkeeping or payroll services @accountancy can provide the accounting services to suit you.

@accountancy not only shows you how to grow your business, we can help implement the strategies to do just that…in business it’s often not what you do but ‘how you do it’ that makes the difference. Our experience at @accountancy enables us to analyse your requirements, identify your issues and then plan and project manage a range of strategies to achieve your objectives.

Why consider @accountancy?

You’re good at what you do but as MD you spend 50-60% of your time trying to fill the role of Financial Director, rather than doing what it is you love to do. You’re forced to spend time on finance related activities rather than dedicating time to operational issues, attracting new clients or keeping your existing ones. It’s a vicious cycle that’s all too common.

You may have been taught how to do some financial and strategic planning, but you’re not exactly sure where to start and you are overwhelmed with the amount of research you have to do just to keep up.You’re disappointed with the cash flow within your business and at the moment everything you’re trying is just NOT working (or not working as well as you’d hoped).

We work with ambitious companies across Staffordshire and the West Midlands, identifying key areas of weakness and opportunities on how you can grow your business.

Most owner managers or SME MD’s will find out in time, that without a well structured finance function, which takes care of strategy on the one hand and mundane details on the other, it is almost impossible to avoid getting sucked into the finance side of the business.

You will receive the support of highly experienced finance directors & accountants that have a track record for helping businesses thrive… leaving you the time to dedicate to operational issues, attracting new clients or keeping your existing ones

Are you experiencing growth barriers?

You’ve set out at the start of the day to deal with some elements relating to building your business but before you know it, the day is already over and you haven’t even done a fraction of the stuff you meant to do.


You know the ‘What’ but don’t know the ‘How’

You know some of the things you should be doing when it comes to finance and budgetary control but not the order of things or the priority of where you should spend your time.


So many people that we meet commit this cardinal sin within their business…inconsistent, one off projects rather than well disciplined strategic approaches based on sound financial planning.


When we conduct our initial review of your business these are the areas we analyse:

Cash Flow We work with you to improve best practice cash management, forecasting and to manage cash flow for growth and/or survival. 
Fax efficiency and planning Most business do not have the time or expertise to focus on questions relating to  taxation and, consequently most businesses pay considerably more tax than they need to. We make sure that your business is as tax efficient as possible. 
Financial business growthRaising the revenue, profile and respectability of your organisation is not only attractive – it is essential for corporate survival. The need to build total shareholder return should be the foremost consideration of strategists and business leaders. However, as with all forms of entrepreneurship, growth is a great consumer of capital…it is therefore crucial to chart a balance between generating additional capital through growth and consuming it. 
Boosting profitability Boosting profitability is a constant leadership challenge and is a task by which most if not all business leaders are judged. Whatever the organisation and whatever its stage of development, ensuring profitability requires two things: a focus on the right priorities and an ability to influence attitudes and behaviours.
Making budgets workBudgets are a valuable tool for managing performance within any organisation, underpinning every part of the business from personnel to marketing, product development and operations to IT. However, there is a paradox. Despite their widespread use and the need to include budgets in all areas of business operations, budgets are often resented and their full potential not realised. In some cases, managers disregard or ignore budgets altogether, believing that they lack value or credibility, often with disastrous consequences 
Managing business riskThe acceptance of risk has always been an integral part of business activity as is the principle that the higher the risk the higher the rate of return needs to be. The willingness to take risks of both a personal and financial nature is one of the defining characteristics of the entrepreneurial decision-maker. Accepting that risks exist provides a starting point for the other actions that are needed – and foremost among these is the need to create the right climate for risk management. People need to understand why control systems are needed, and this requires communication and leadership so that standards and expectations are set
Making management accounts work for youManagement accounts need to be promptly available, easily digested and accurate. Properly prepared and used they put you back in charge and enable you to make proactive changes instead of responding to problems that have already hurt you. Is your current accounting system capable of allowing the rapid production of management accounts? If not, does it need changing….standard software packages such as Sage are an effective, cost effective solution.
Choosing your accounts package Choosing the right accounting package can be difficult, particularly as there are so many packages on the market. Price and functionality vary so widely that an objective comparison is very difficult without spending days on the task. Your first decision is to decide what level of complexity is required.
At the most basic level, you may just want something to replace the cash-book, to handle receipts and payments. A more sophisticated ledger-based system could produce quotes, VAT returns, and monthly accounts.
You may decide that you need a highly sophisticated system which, as well as doing all of the above, will handle stock and job costings and integrates with your web site. 
Read more (link to Choosing Your Accounts Package report) 
Preparing for your accountant Whether your accountant produces your accounts or carries out your annual audit, being prepared for your accountant will ensure the work is carried out smoothly and efficiently and with the minimum disruption to yourselves. You may also be able to help by preparing some of the routine schedules…this will mean time can be better spent advising you on the running of your business
Directors Responsibilities The position of director bestows a certain status upon an individual. Whether you are appointed to the Board of the company you work for or you are involved in establishing a new business and take on the role of director you will feel a sense of achievement. However the office of director should not be accepted lightly. It carries with it a number of duties and responsibilities
    Accounting and economic models Entrepreneurial flair is as much a state of mind and attitude as it is a set of skills. Nonetheless, certain skills will ensure that decisions are entrepreneurial and focused on commercial success. This report focuses on six models and techniques including break even analysis, discounted cast flow, economies of scale