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About @Accountancy in Birmingham

Financial Planning, minimising tax liability coupled with budgetary & strategic expertise and support for businesses across Staffordshire and the West Midlands

@accountancy not only shows you how to grow your business, we can help implement the strategies to do just that…in business it’s often not what you do but ‘how you do it’ that makes the difference. Our experience at @accountancy enables us to analyse your requirements, identify your issues and then plan and project manage a range of strategies to achieve your objectives.

One of the key skills of a successful business is the control of money…not just when and how you collect if or when you settle invoices. The control of money includes product pricing, creating packages that increase the average spend by your customers, up-selling and cross-selling all play a part in maximising profit & increasing the value of your business:

By implementing the right strategies, we’ll show you how successful organisations maximise their profit from existing activities: it’s all about having the right skill, the know-how and taking the right decisions.

Typically, we meet with our clients once or twice a month, have telephone discussions a couple of times a week and provide access to key financial data and reports as required.  We agree the 'right' amount of communication your business requires.....from day one.

How does that sound to you?

To confirm your interest in an initial meeting you can either call us on 01543 897820 or 01889 358921 or email us enquiries@at-accountancy.co.uk